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Rumorth Group of Companies Ltd. (RGC) was incorporated in the year 2004 in Kenya as a limited liability company to deliver a full range of commercial cleaning products and services such as manufacturing of detergents, commercial cleaning and supplies of cleaning materials, and retailing of industrial soap raw materials.
Our products are specially designed for industrial and institutional customers ranging from schools, hospitals, hotels, business premises, factories, health clubs, and office apartments.etc.
Our team comprises of a highly competent and friendly staff, backed by an efficient and highly effective delivery system.
Our diverse product portfolio in the manufacturing and commercial cleaning segments comprises of a broad range of solutions in housekeeping, laundry, swimming pool, health club, personal care, kitchen/food safety, and cleaning materials.
Our hygiene products and systems are designed to enhance stakeholder value with special regards to; achieving optimal customer satisfaction; employee welfare ,health and safety; enhancing customers’ competitive advantage in their respective industries; reducing clients’ labour costs; training of employees and customers; promoting local communities through jobs and innovative, quality and affordable products; contributing tax revenues to the government etc.

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