Top-Level is a blend of Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid and surfactants specially formulated for removing strong milkstone and preventing scale formation in milking machines, bulk milk tanks, CFU & CTC systems when used regularly in hard water areas. Is a low foaming, concentrated acid cleaner suitable for use in food, brewing and dairy processing plants. It can be comfortably be used on aluminium and stainless steel plants and equipments.

Dairy Industry:
H.T.S.T., U.H.T. & Evaporator Plant:
Use a hot solution of Top-Level (1-10.0% v/v solution) for routine cleaning before or after the caustic circulation in two stage cleaning of this plant. Rinse with clean water after cleaning.
Soaking can be done for 15-20 minutes at 80oC
Pipe & Tanks
Clean regularly with Top-Level as required using cold or warm (approx. 50oC) solution at a concentration of 1.0-2.2% v/v
Remove milkstone by soaking in a 1.0% v/v warm solution of Top-Level. Alternatively, operate churn-washer for 2-3 days using a 0.5% v/v solution of Top-Level

Top-Level is used for soak treatment in descaling aluminium or stainless steel CFU/ KEGS or CASKS. Soaking overnight is usually recommended with a 1.0% v/v solution.
Colour : Colourless
Physical Appearance : liquid
Specific gravity : 1.32-1.33
pH of 1% solution : 2.0
Solubility : Completely soluble in water
Odor Characteristics : Choking
Flash Point : N/A

• Eye and Skin: for good industrial hygiene practice wear appropriate protective gear. If possible avoid contact with eye and skin. Wear appropriate protective clothing. Do not eat or smoke whilst handling the product Storage
• Store in a cool dry area, protect from direct sunlight and frost.
• Store in original container and re-seal them when not in use.
• Do not return dispensed MoreCare Top-Level into original container. Dispense enough for use.
• Avoid direct storage on floor, use pallets.
• Shelf life of at least 48 months.
Personal Precautions:

• Ensure personal protection is observed. Spillages: Neutralize with sodium bi-carbonate before hose away to drain with copious amounts of water. • Neat product should first be neutralised & diluted with plenty of water before washing away to the drain
• Observe local authority waste disposal regulations

Corrosive – can cause severe burns, wear rubber gloves, overall, eye goggles/full-face shields, gumboots always when handling this product. In case of contact with eye or skin, wash immediately with plenty of clean water, seek medical advice immediately Note: Safety showers should be available where necessary

Nitric Acid food grade, Phosphoric Acid food grade, ethoxlylated alcohol food grade, related boosters & food grade sequesetrants

Available Pack sizes: 10Kg and 20 kg

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