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RUMORTH is registered in Kenya as a Limited Company. The Company has over the years built an enviable reputation in the following: - In-house laundry services, Commercial cleaning Services, Environment management services, Sanitation, etc The company enjoys a large pool of repeat customers from quality and hygiene- conscious clientele, made up of sophisticated, demanding and widely travelled sections of society. These Client segments, includes a number of major hospitals, government institutions, five-star hotels, etc with whom we have enjoyed providing some of the above mentioned services Our superior customer care and affordable quality services have earned the Company a steady growth in market share over the years in spite of the stiff competition in the sector.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:
1. Cleaning, disinfecting, stain removing & maintenance
2. Environment management services
3. Garbage collection and Waste management
4. Pest control and fumigation
5. Incineration of the relevant waste using hospital equipments
6. Complete sanitation aspects

Our cleaning and management concept is pegged to international standards at recognized BICS {British Institution of Cleaning Science Standards}. This includes primary responsibilities, which are generally found in laundering & cleaning services as well as other security measures such as planning and control.


Our Management Team

RUMORTH GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD (RGC) is an indigenous –owned Kenyan Company registered in the year June 2004 as Rumorth East Africa Ltd and in the year 2009, changed name to Rumorth Group of Companies Ltd (RGC).
As a socially responsible corporate, the Company has immensely contributed towards the development of a broad field of stakeholder communities including; Company employees; clients; the government and the society at large.
Our social responsibility culture informs our compliance with all rules, standards and regulations governing the industry.
Towards this end RGC holds certificates and licenses issued by an array of regulatory agencies including; the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA); the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA);Kenya Bureau of Standards(KEBS); and The Nairobi City Council (N.C.C).
Our employees benefit from competitive terms of service over and above making statutory remittances to NSSF and NHIF.
Project Management System
The project management system tool applied is ISO 9001:2008. It specifies requirements for quality management system that we use for our internal applications. It also focuses on the effectiveness of the quality management system in meeting customer requirements.
We have established objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the organization’s policies.
We have implemented the processes and put in place checks to monitor and measure the processes and product against policies, objectives and requirements for the product and report results. We take actions to continually improve process performance.
The organization conducts internal audits at planned intervals to determine whether the quality management system conforms to the product realization process in accordance with the planned arrangements and to the requirements of the International Standard and to the quality management system requirements established by our organization.
Our IT Department is well equipped with managed accounting system of QuickBooks Professional 2010 and Java Based inventory system that add value to our management system.
Customer Relations
Our organization has effective communication arrangements with customers in relation to:
Product information
Enquiries, contracts or order handling, including amendments
Customer feedback, including customer complaints
To be a profitable market-driven business maintaining real growth while creating prosperity through the provision of a diversified range of products and services to the benefit of the society and its environs.
Mission Statement:
To be a market leader in the world of detergency, cleaning and sanitation, respected for our professionalism, quality and integrity.
Our Core Values, Our Strengths
• Customer Satisfaction
• Quality
• Integrity
• Reliability
• Skilled Workforce able to work with minimum supervision
• Environmental friendliness & consciousness
• Social Responsibility
• Flexibility
• Innovativeness/Creativity
• Team Work
• Staff Welfare
• Change Consciousness


Comprehensive Professional Cleaning Services
• This covers all areas in the building
• It involves cleaning of common areas and offices
It includes the ground maintenance, incineration, garbage management, etc
• Due to the fact that different types of floors are found in the same building i.e. marble terrazzo wooden, tiles coral; terrazzo floors etc, RUMORTH uses the latest technology in cleaning and approved detergents designed for each type of floor in order to maintain the texture of the floor.
Daily schedule
• Mopping of building /office /floors
• Cleaning and disinfecting of toilet cubes ,floors and walls
• Cleaning and dusting of office tables, computer ,rails and chairs
• Removal of garbage from garbage bins daily
• Hoofing of office carpets
• Inspecting all dispensers and top them when necessary detergents
Weekly Schedule
• Cleaning and disinfecting of phone heads
• Cleaning and disinfecting of inside and outside the waste bins
• Dusting of high hedges and tops of high furniture
• Cleaning of window sills
• Stripping of terrazzo, P.V.C tile and wooden floors in the building/offices and buffing
• Stripping of the toilet floors and buffing them
• Scrub washing of basements
• Scrub washing of the of the pavements around the building
Monthly Schedule
• Interior and exterior window cleaning
• Cleaning and shampooing of offices carpets
• Removal of cobwebs
• Cleaning of office chairs
Pavements, Corridors, Runways

• Scrub / clean daily
• Sweep to remove dirt and litters
• Damp wipe the pillars to remove dust and any fixed dirt
Internal Walls

• Must be free from cobwebs, dirt and ugly marks or stain, ‘bird’s nest’ and droppings
• Spots clean using a damp cloth and synthetic detergents solution in areas like light switch-panels; door handles and hinges and skirting boards.
Gardens /Lawns/Fields

• To be maintained regularly
• To be maintained using low-noise mowers
• Gardens and lawns to be water sprinkled when necessary to ensure healthy flowers and grass
• Field to be cut regularly to the required levels
• Live fences to be trimmed to size
• All dry leaves to be collected
Toilet Bowls, Urinals, Toilet Walls, Ceiling, Waste Bins/Damp Stand

• Must be sparkling clean and sanitized.
• Must be flushed after use
• Must be scoured and disinfected
• Toilet balls must be stocked
• To ensure high dusting is performed and cobwebs removed.
Terrazzo Floors, Ceramic Floors

• Stripping of floors twice per month
• Mopping of the floor daily in the morning and as need arises.
• Maintaining ceramics with the bowl maintainers
Garbage Collection Services

• This involves storage, transport and disposal of garbage in an environmentally acceptable manner at the designated places as authorized by the local authority.
• The area should then be sanitized.
Sanitary Services

• Supply of sanitary bins to office
• Disinfecting of sanitary bin and the area
• Replacement of sanitary bin on a weekly basis and as per the client request


RUMORTH is an equal opportunity-employer. The Company’s employees are its biggest Asset.
RUMORTH has a Human Resource Policy based on competitive recruitment of highly skilled and qualified professionals.
Our Terms of Service are designed to attract and retain the best professionals in the market.
The Company has heavily invested in Employee Training as a strategy of developing our human resource capital.
With a highly motivated and productive workforce the Company continues to generate and employ creative solutions in service of our highly esteemed pool of satisfied and loyal customers.
Recruitment Procedure
We usually recruit through normal application or by recommendation from other organizations. The applicants must possess the following particulars;-
• Copy of CV
• Copy National identity card
• Copy Certificate of good conduct
• Copy Academic certificates
• Copy of Professional Certificates
• Copy of PIN, NHIF & NSSF Certificates
• Copy of recommendation letters from previous employers
• Any other relevant supporting documents
• The purpose and objective of training is to equip and enhance the skills of staff in handling their duties
Supervisors Training
• This is to equip them with skills necessary to provide high standards of cleaning services and be able to direct the cleaners on what is expected to be done
Stewards and Stewardesses Training
• This is to equip them with the capacity to perform the tasks assigned to them correctly and accurately using the most cost effective methods.


(A) Orientation • This entails familiarization of new staff with the entire building; working environment; basic equipment and skills for performing their duties upon employment
B) On Job Training
• This training is done while practically undertaking the works. Staff are always supervised and monitored very closely while working within the clients’ facility/premises.
C) Seminars and Lectures
• This is normally conducted by professional training and specialized hygiene product manufacturer of materials and equipment.
D) Consultancy and Project Management
RUMORTH carries out system study and analysis based on individual client requirement. We have able personnel capable of presenting system consultancy for a first time user, or revising existing set up. The kind of work we offer is based on a total system solution comprising of cleaning machines, application of chemicals, detergents and other training requirements. We have our additional option available to large clients including an onsite project manager, who is based at the customer’s premises and can instantly deal with all problems as they arise.
E) Cleaning Symposium
This is an additional event which our senior staff and personnel attend through a series of workshops and seminars to keep them up to date with the latest cleaning and industry- wide technology.
Customers Training & Benefits
Our Customers includes hotels, hospitals, dairies, tanneries, food & beverage industries, Government Institutions, Commercial Laundries, NGOs, Private Companies, Organized groups (Women, youth & people living with disabilities), churches, individual customers.
Government Institutions & Private Companies
We train in the following areas:-
• On modern hygiene management systems in Kitchen (includes food safety), housekeeping, Laundry, Health Clubs, swimming pool care, etc
• On Chemical handling and safety procedures
• On Effective and economical usage of cleaning products and services
• On Linen Cleaning & handling & How To Plan For Your Cleaning Periods
Benefits to Our Customers
• All inclusive after sales service incorporating training and follow-up sessions by our technical sales team on product usage.
• Regular and continuous training of our clients, on new technologies, innovations and modern hygiene management systems.
• Superior customer response and satisfaction.
• Superior efficiency and delivery systems.
• User friendly packaging.
• Well labeled products with clear and comprehensible instructions on; product usage; safety; caution; First Aid; storage; description and composition; areas of application; manufacturing and expiry dates; quantity; and batch number
Organized Groups
We offer basic training on the following:-
• Making of - Liquid Soap, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Disinfectants, Etc
• Basic Chemical Information on detergent raw materials
• Safe Chemical (Product) Handling & Procedures
• Do’s & Don’ts
• Proper and Economical usage of Rumorth Product
• Factors Affecting Product Quality
Individual Customers
We offer basic training offer the counter
These are customers who purchase Industrial Chemicals & Raw Materials for making detergents over the counter, such as Ungerol, Industrial salt, Ufacid, Causitc Soda, Foam Boosters, Food Colors, Preservatives, Perfumes, Cosmetic raw materials, Water Treatment Chemicals, waste digesters among other chemicals used in institutions, food industries or domestic applications.
We offer free consultation after training to all our customers
In partnership with the Government of Kenya, relevant Community Based Organizations, and NGOs, we facilitate rehabilitation and self Empowerment programs by offering unique and modern techniques and skills on detergents, soap and cosmetics making.
We advise and provide raw materials used for production of detergents, disinfectants, shampoos, cosmetics, bar soap, powder detergents, etc. Also we offer for sell different types of containers for packaging of finished products.